Salem Baptist Church
Tuesday, March 02, 2021

About the Church

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Brother Garry and his wife, Pat

From the Past to Today.

     Salem Baptist Church was founded in 1884, making SBC 132 years old.  In the summer of 2016 Brother Garry Hicks was named pastor of Salem Baptist Church.  SBC is growing in numbers and in spirit. Salem Baptist Church is full of a devoted and committed church community who have a passion for bringing the word of God to others.  Come join us!
Salem Baptist Church Vision Statement:
Three basic words describe the vision of our church.
We seek not only the lost but we seek those who hunger for God.  We take advantage of opportunities that God provides for us to be evangelistic whether it's at home, with family, at the ball park with friends, at work or at church.  I pray we would always look for opportunities to seek and share Christ.
In looking for opportunities to be evangelistic we find it much easier to share Christ when we have confidence.  We are called to share our faith.  We share our JOY, our LOVE, and our RESOURCES.  We share "the" Christ in us (The Christ in us comes from disciplining God's children.  The more God's children have the more they are able to share).
The more we disciple the closer both parties come to Christ in their relationships.  Both the giver and receiver benefit.  Serving allows for members to identify God's gifts and then channel those gifts to Serve God.  The results of using our gifts in service will provide excitement, confidence, and purpose.
Salem Baptist Church Mission Statement:
"Under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, acknowledge God the Father as Creator and Sustainer of all things, we are a Church united by Christ in His death as well as His resurrection.  We are a fellowship of believers responding to the Great Commission as set forth by Christ Himself.  We seek to proclaim the faithfulness of God, to promote spiritual growth, to foster unity and fellowship, to call, equip and support leaders, and to extend the call of evangelism to all parts of the world.  Our core doctrines are defined by the Holy Scriptures believing them to be without error, authoritative and authored by the very breath of God.  Our existence as the body of Christ is dependent upon the nature of and will of God the Father.  It is He, along with His Son Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit who is exalted, worshiped, glorified and honored in all that we do."